Thursday, March 24, 2016

Europe 2015 - Saint Cirq Lapopie: Recalibration

Months before the trip, we decided to cut the 10-hour road trip from Paris to Barcelona in half by finding a small town somewhere in the middle. After a few searches, we settled on Saint Cirq Lapopie. Approximately 25 miles off the highway, we could not have found a more beautiful, medieval, little town deep in the French countryside. Even the winding roads, through vineyards and other small towns, proved to be relaxing after our full-throttle run in Paris.

The town's serene vibe and perfect, mid 70s weather, allowed us to meditate and recalibrate. Deniz and I acknowledged that we have to minimize how often we push the kids outside of their schedules, and when we do, we simply need to own the consequences and be more patient when they act out. It's not a matter of if.

How can you not find peace in a place like this?


  1. love you and your trip
    que hermoso saber que disfrutan cuiden a los bb y a Ustedes y disfruten cada momento
    se les quiere mucho