Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Europe 2015 - Last Day in Belgium: Bruges in one (perfect) day

After a few rough days of sickness and falls, we had a good feeling about Bruges. Almost as soon as we got out of our car, it stopped raining. 
Without a doubt, Bruges is one of the best cities we've ever visited. Its cobblestone roads and water canals winding through well-preserved buildings dating back hundreds of years fools the senses into thinking you're back in the feudal age. Horse-drawn carriages and the town's cleanliness almost make you feel like your walking down Main Street at Disney. Almost. 

If a picture tells a thousand words, here are about 10,000.


  1. Lovely! I know I'd love it there. We're enjoying following along on this exciting family adventure...

    1. Tks, Jennifer! You guys are like us and not afraid to pack up your stuff, grab the kids and just go. There's been a few tough turns along the way, but mostly, it's been great enjoying this family adventure together.